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Fast, effective results

For individual work, I offer an accelerated form of therapy called Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, or ISTDP for short. I find that most clients wish for rapid results, which this particular form of therapy delivers. While insights into your difficulty can be helpful, they do not necessarily remove the barriers to emotional and psychological health. I prefer to work moment to moment with you in the session room to uncover and dismantle the psychological mechanisms that are fueling and maintaining your suffering. For more information about ISTDP, please click here


Emotion-Focused and practical

My approach to couples therapy is emotion-focused and practical. It begins with a detailed inquiry into the issues the couple wishes to address. Working together as a team, we examine the specific factors that create and maintain the difficulties in the current relationship. My clients are often surprised by how quickly we arrive at a new -- and deeper -- understanding of an old or recurring issue. But insight alone won’t necessarily repair past injuries or change longstanding patterns. Each session, we’ll also observe the moment-to-moment emotional responses that arise between partners. Intervening with precision and care, I help my clients recognize and replace painful, habitual responses with alternatives that deepen empathy, intimacy and connection.


Sessions that fit your life

For clients who live out of town, travel often, or simply desire a more intensive approach, I offer "block treatments" when space permits. These are 3-hour sessions, which can be scheduled less frequently. Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy is designed for accelerated results in a shorter period of time. For certain individuals, block sessions allow for deeper work and faster integration of the therapy. If this option appeals to you, we can discuss whether block therapy is appropriate following our initial consultation. 

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