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"I've have worked and trained with Reiko for several years now, and  I've watched her evolve into a superb and savvy clinician working efficiently and effectively in the ISTDP model.  If you are interested in transformative therapy, see Reiko."

Bruce Spring MD

Faculty, Dept of Psychiatry,

USC School of Medicine

Los Angeles, California

Early in my training, I was fortunate to have discovered a model of therapy that resonated so deeply with me that I spent the next six years exclusively studying and practicing what would become my specialty: Intensive, Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. The name is hard to remember and makes a terrible acronym (ISTDP) but, wow, does it produce results -- and fast. 


While there is a substantial and growing body of research that supports the efficacy of ISTDP, I tend to rely on my own experience with clients to confirm this. I’ve written a short piece on why I find this way of working so compelling, which you can read here. 


Prior to establishing my private practice, I worked in a community mental health setting where I treated individuals, couples and families for a diverse range of psychiatric and emotional difficulties. I concurrently worked with children and their families as an onsite counselor for Head Start Early Education, LAUSD, and a private parochial high school. 


In my private practice, my focus is helping individuals and couples get to the root of their difficulties and effect change as rapidly and safely as possible. 

CLICK HERE for a complete list of my credentials and clinical experience


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